Additional Services



-Engine Power Washed & Dressed   $35*

-Rain X  Applied   $4   All Windows   $15

-Shampoo Carpet & Mats   $40-55*

-3M Fabric Protection System Applied   $20-40*

-Remove Atmospheric Fallout, Overspray and Contamination from Paint:  (Removes Particulates that can’t be Waxed Out)   $40-150*

-Lexol Leather Conditioner Applied   $20-40*

-Headlight Restoration Call for quote (Outside of Lens)

-Water Spot/Mineral Deposit Removal from Exterior Glass  $75-99*

-Water Spot/Mineral Deposit  Removal from Trim, Badging, Lettering, Exhaust:  Call for Price

-Clear Coat Safe Tar & Brake Dust Remover $10-20*

-Pet Hair Removal:  Call for Price

-Deluxe** Fragrance Applied   $2

– Restorative Paint Correction-Please see Paint Corrections Menu

*Prices determined by visual estimate. Oversized or heavily soiled vehicles requiring intensive cleaning or additions such as tree sap, pet hair in the carpet or extreme insect residue may be extra

**Deluxe Fragrances last up to 3x longer than traditional Fragrance


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