Platinum Detail



-Hand Wash

-Clean Windows

-Deep Clean Console & Dashboard

-Dress Console, Door Panels & Trim Molding using Armor All or Meguiars

-Vinyl Conditioned

-Pre-Treat Soiled Carpets & Mats

-Carpet Shampooed

-Seats Soiled Spot Shampooed

-Door Jambs Cleaned

-Blowout Residual Water from Cracks & Crevices

-Lexol Leather Conditioner Applied

-Remove Light Oxidation

-Full One Stage Paint Correction/Buffing Scratches & Imperfections

-Deluxe Fragrance Applied (upon request)

-Exterior Chamois

-Clean & Dress Tires

-Professional Strength Clear Coat Safe Cleaner Applied to Rims to Remove Tarnish

-Meguiars Hand Wax

-Microfiber & Cotton Cloth  to High Shine

-Exterior Polishing

-Clay Bar Paint to Remove Surface Contaminants

$169-219* ( Tax Included )

^Call for pricing on our new restoration detail^

*Prices determined by visual estimate. Oversized or heavily soiled vehicles requiring intensive cleaning or additions such as tree sap, pet hair in the carpet or extreme insect residue may be extra

***Our best efforts are used to restore your paint with polishes, sealers and environmentally stable chemicals. We also offer paint correction services starting at $50


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